robet Pattinson si Kristen Stewart sunt paziti de politisti la filmari.
Robert Pattinson si Kristen Stewart sunt paziti de politie


Dupa ce fotografii care infatisau scene fierbinti din noul film al seriei Twilight au ajuns pe Internet, securitatea a fost intarita pe platourile de filmare.

Fotografiile se pare ca au fost facute in timp ce se filma o scena de dragoste intre Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) si Bella (Kristen Stewart), si au fost furate de hackeri care au spart email-ul unuia dintre protagonisti.

Producatorii filmului au oprit raspandirea lor, iar acum, actorii sunt insotiti la filmari de politisti.

Cu umbrele sau paravane, ei vor sa impiedice orice paparazzo ar incerca sa faca alte fotografii.

Zvonurile spun ca acum, echipa filmeaza scena nuntii intre cei doi indragostiti din film, undeva in muntii Canadei.

Robert Pattinson i-a numit pe hackeri idioti, si-i indeamna pe fanii Twilight sa-i pedepseasca.


everything, but I'll add in there anyway. :)I just reltnecy discovered this blog and I don't know why it took me so long! You do a great job with it and I am shocked to hear that people have been negative towards you. It did not take long for me to love this site and add it to my favorites, checking it everyday. It's amazing! You're amazing! Haha. I hope you have a good break and can't wait to see when you get back. Will you get back? Anyway, thanks again! Your hard work was always appreciated!

Wow, I didn't know about any of the drama that was going on on the posts. And I've only commented once or twice just asikng curious questions about Robert Pattinson. So I know my little post isn't different from the rest of the supportive outpour I'm sure you've received. But either way-I'd like to just pass on my apologies for others negativity and gratitude for the work you did put into the blog. It was the top site I'd click to everyday to check up on what's going on. It's always hard to forget the negative and remember the positive, but know what you efforts and stories and laughs were so incredibly appreciated. I'll definitely head over to Kristina's new blogspot. Well wishes to you. :)

Sending you much love and good vibes, Michelle. Take some time to take care of yourself and what you need in life. That is all that matrtes. Pay no mind to the negativity of others. That is their own cross to bear. Thank you for bringing me TONS of yummy Rob Goodness and for making a very tough time in my life seem not so bad! Every post that was made has made me forget, for just a second or two, what I am facing. So, if you ever think back and wonder why you did it all, think of that. There are many more out there, I am sure, that feel the same way, but as far as I am concerned you have made my life so much happier! Thank you!Take care of yourself!

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