Trailerul noului film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides - Trailer


La trei ani de la ultimul film din seria Piratilor din Caraibe, compania Disney a dat publicitatii trailer-ul noului film, Pirates of the Caribbeean: On Stranger Tides.

Asteptat cu nerabdare de fani, capitanul Jack Sparrow pleaca acum intr-o noua aventura, incercand sa gaseasca fantana tineretii.
Cu Johnny Depp si Penelope Cruz in rolurile principale, filmul va fi lansat pe ecrane pe 20 mai 2011.


I love this post. To add to it, I will share something my siestr sent to me a while back that I always try to remember and have written on a piece of paper up on my refrigerator:You wouldn't knowingly let a thief into your home, inviting him to steal whatever he wanted out of your house, would you? There is no reason why you would do that. And yet, most of us do that very thing every single day e28093 the thief is called e2809cWORRY.e2809d Worry robs us of living in the present moment; it robs us of remembering the gifts that we have in our lives and the abilities we have been given to deal with adversities. Most of all, it robs us of trust and faith in ourselves and our loved ones who are always present, always here to help. It is time NOW to stop allowing the thief of happiness to enter your life.

Well, now that Kiera Knightly's and Orlando Bloom's characters are gone I may give this a look. They just suekcd all the life out of the last two films for me. Knightly was just whiny and irritating every second she was on screen and Orlando Bloom was such a wet blanket.

Oh I don't know, cameo appearances of Orlando and Kiera would have been nice.The frchinase is basically and orgy in clich s, having them in a scene each would been a service to the fans. Like a plot device that makes Sparrow visit Elizabeth to ask for her help on something, but with her boy calling to her from in side her cottage, she turn him down and wishes him good luck, telling him that she is a mother with responsibilities and no time to go on treasure hunts. Likewise, Will could make an appearance at the helm of the Flying Dutchman in some epic clich sequence, you know, all hope is out, the British armada or whatever, have them pinned down and they Barbossa and Sparrow desperately calls out to the sea for Calypsos aid, nothing happens and Gibbs tells them she will never help considering what they did. But then a huge wave or maelstrom suddenly appear from nowhere and from it The flying Dutchman rises with William Turner at the helm, sent by Calypso to aid his former comrades. They scatter the enemy fleet and allows for the heros to escape. Before returning the to the deep, the Dutchman passes closely at starboard, with Will and the heroes nodding to each others (and perhaps some comical scene involving a goofy Sparrow getting scared because of a very temporary return of the black spot on his hand as a joke from Will).

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