Kanye West a avut o prestatie uluitoare la Saturday Night Live.
Kanye West la Saturday Night Live


Invitat la show-ul Saturday Night Live, Kanye West a avut o prestatie uimitoare.
Insotit de 24 de balerine, West a transformat momentul muzical al emisiunii de divertisment intr-un show care imbina muzica rap si baletul clasic intr-un mod senzational.

El a interpretat single-urile Power si Runaway, care se vor gasi pe noul album prevazut pentru lansare pe 22 noiembrie.


I have left a blog because of dream kilrels, sometimes you just keep it moving and block the negativity. I remember you once posted a playful blog about intimacy and hair issues that I really enjoyed and could identify with - It was a nice break from the Hair talk and this Dream Killer was trying to rain on your parade by saying that you were divulging private details and I was like damn! But hey, I am sure thats not the first for you and with the number of subscribers I bet you have seen your share......Just remember with one dream killer there are 5 well wishers :)

na sou pw...epese i Duffy gia na anebei ena akoma toy swrou? Mono kana remix twn Freemasons to swzei. Kai an. Kai den eimai ksinuoylas apla antikeimenikos. MPEEE MPEEEEE

Hello Tracyee, I love your site and I would just like to say thank you for your dedication to hepnilg us learn how to take care of ourselves. I never ever knew how to take care of my own hair until I found your site three weeks ago. I spent countless hours in a salon and have spent a ton of money for my healthy mane. It just feels good to know that I can now do it myself because I am knowledgeable enough to do so. "Ladies, let your haters be your motivators", and remember that if they are talking about you, you must be on their mind, which would make you important in their little convoluted world. They talked about Jesus too and he is perfect! :)

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