Kylie Minogue seamana fantastic de mult cu mama ei.
Cu cine seamana Kylie Minogue?


Presa din Australia a descoperit pe o lista a pasagerilor emigranti din Marea Britanie, datand din 1950, numele mamei lui Kylie Minogue.
Carol Jones si familia ei, au venit in Australia din Tara Galilor, si s-au stabilit in Melbourne.
La vremea respectiva, mama lui Kylie avea doar 12 ani.

Devenita dansatoare profesionista, ea l-a cunoscut pe Ron Minogue, cu care s-a casatorit.

Deoarece unele ziare au publicat o fotografie in care o alta femeie este data ca fiind mama ei,  Kylie rectifica acest lucru postand pe Twitter o fotografie din tinerete a lui Carol.

Ne dam seama din aceasta fotografie, de unde a mostenit Kylie frumusetea.


Look, I like both of em. One the one hand, Derek is in love with her and i domt feel hes controlling her eotoimns, more trying to understand them and control his own. He is very sweet, and hot, and he did save her life and worries about her like crazy.BUTLucas has been in love with her his whole life. He went to find a kitten who looked just like Socks because he still felt bad, he doesn't think of Federicka like a mate or girlfriend cause he doesnt seem like the type who would go after Kylie if he had a girlfriend, and true he does wish Kylie was a werewolf but hes not saying if your not a werewolf, we are breaking up and never speaking he wishes/hopes she is but I think even to him it was incredibly unlikely and still loved her. It wasnt based off the hope she was a werewolf.Again i likw both, and no matter what CC decides, ill be happy.If I had to choose id say Lucas (Team Derek people dont hate me please) just cause it would so suck if hes loved her all his life annnd then she rejects him. Again I like both and will be happy with either but i would choose Lucas

Team Lucas all the way.Why?Because they knew each other since they were little. He was alawys protecting her since day one. He doesnt care what his pack think of his relationship with Kylie. He tells her like it is. Which all means that he is honest as protective of he. Always there when she needs him. He tells her that he does like the ghosts because he dont like to see anything happen to her. But think about this he seen her getting taking a way by two men in the dreamscape. It scared him. He left for a good reason to protect his sister. Why Dereck just left because he wanted to get away from her. He has alawys seem to have a hot or cold vibe to him. I did like him near the beginning. He seems like he has been totally honest and scare to be because she doesnt like. My thoughts in a guy is to be honest, protective, and challenging. Lucas wants her to safe but stands by her. Derek seems like whatever you think is right is alright with me no matter if it is dangerous. Lucas seems more mature. Dereck could change her emotions. I would love my emotions feel like my own. I love dereck but I love Lucas more. I hope she chooses Lucas. He has my chemistry with her. Dereck is more like a friends.Go Lucas Go.

I told Fredericka why earlier didn't she tell you.. and if he was still to stipud to get the message probably never spoke to him again. But alas I really do want him with her if only because so many ppl don't want them together and I like that him and Kylie knew each other when they were little like they were meant to meet again And well there is the fact that Kylie seemed so afraid of all her relationships getting closer but with Lucas she acts like she can't get close enough which makes me think he is the one for her. Though if she did dump him and make him suffer alittle and he smartened up I think I could be okay with that. But I like that he gave his blood to a vampire and trusted Della to kick him out of Kylie's room I think he is totally growing and smartening up to not just be all about weres that I like him better and don't want to see him hurt. Also curious if Kylie and him are bonded because she wants to protect everyone and he protected her when they were little and tried to protect Ellie. So maybe he will end up being gifted with being a protector too after they said protectors didn't matter on race right? or i could have that wrong not sure.. But anyway Lucas and Kylie for life

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